News Update

After 5 super successful years, the FreeFrom Eating Out Awards are taking 2019 out while we re-assess how to take the awards – and the cause of freefrom in food service – forward. So, watch this space.....

We hope to announce our new direction at the Food Matters Live event in November.

If you have any queries or would like to talk to us about the project, please email Michelle.

BBQFreeFrom Eating Out Awards 2018 –


Gale Zappacosta and Ped Millichamp of The Willow receiving the award for the Best FreeFrom Eatery 2018 from awards director, Michelle Berriedale-Johnson.

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Visit Mommi, winner of the 2017 Freefrom Eating Out Awards and learn all about their wonderful gluten, milk, soya and egg free Nikkei cuisine!

Winners of the 2017 FreeFrom Eating Out Awards

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The Presentation...

How difficult is it to cook for those with allergies?

In the wake of the recent media furore created by Raymond Blanc, chef patron of the Manoir aux Quatre Saisons, Nathalie Newman asks how difficult a job chefs have in creating safe food for customers with allergies.

BBQFreeFrom Eating Out horror stories

The 2014 regulations on allergens were supposed to make eating out safer, and easier, for people with food allergies and intolerances. But, three years later, have they made a difference? Hannah Lawrence reports.

Why am I so excited about the FreeFrom Eating Out awards?

Nathalie is seriously excited about both the FreeFrom Food and the FreeFrom Eating Out Awards – and what they promise for any family with serious food allergies. She describes her experiences as a judge - and what a difference they have made to her family.