More on 'freefrom' in food service

The new 2014 EU FIC Regulations as they apply to food service
– what are they?

Training courses for managing allergy in food service

The Food Standards Agency has a lot of good training resources that you can download free,from their website. Start here and follow the links.

Allergy Action. Hazel Gowland has been developing food allergy training and delivering courses to a wide range of audiences since 1995.

Bowthornes Ltd - 1/2 day courses used as an introduction suitable for both food preparation and service staff.

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) will be producing a new qualification in developing allergen awareness with a new classroom based qualification 'Level 2 Award in Food Allergen Awareness', and e-learning module: 'Serving the Allergic and Food Intolerant Customer.'

Coeliac UK – have an excellent on line training website and a good food service directory for gluten-free foods.

Droppa and Droppa provide a free gluten free training course for caterers.

Eating Out With Food Allergies. Training run by Stella Holt, a chef with over 30 years’ experience and allergies to a number of foods herself.

FAME – Training - on line, and bespoke group sessions, allergen Saf-T-Zone Kits, operational and management systems, advice, accreditation for your catering business

Food Allergy Awareness Training and Consultancy. FATC has been set up to educate and assist the catering industry to become Food Allergy Aware, as well as to support those affected by food allergies.

Food Freedom – bespoke training and consultancy for food businesses; educational workshops for children and training sessions for kitchen staff.

Gluten-free Training for Caterers – On line and face-to-face training from coeliac bakers who have run their own gluten, wheat and dairy-free bakery since 2005.

Institute of Food Safety, Integrity and Protection (IFSIP) has produced an interactive PDF - Allergen Information Guidance for Trainers.

Accreditation service

Allergen Accreditation – provides a framework for operators to develop their systems and procedures for managing the new legislation with a nationally recognised accreditation that they are Allergy Aware.

Coeliac UK – offer a gluten-free accreditation scheme for any and every shape of food service business. They also have an excellent on line training website and a good food service directory for gluten-free foods.

Articles relating to 'freefrom' in food service

For more general articles about eating out and travelling with an allergy, see our FreeFrom FoodsMatter site here.

Parents' and caregivers' experiences and behaviours when eating out with children with a food hypersensitivity. July 2017
This article touches on many issues, with regard to eating out with food allergies, which will be familiar to many families who try to negotiate this minefield. Look esepcially at the 'results'.

Food Allergy Knowledge and Attitudes of Restaurant Managers and Staff. A survey of attitudes in the US. Seotember 2016

How freefrom is impacting the hospitality industry. May 2016

Excellent post on the YesNoBananas blog on the protocol to follow if you, as a multi-allergic, wish to eat out. February 2015

Using the term 'gluten free' or 'no gluten containing ingredients' – the Legal Implications - Caroline Benjamin of FATC explains. December 2014

Unilever have developed new guidelines to help pubs manage the new allergen regulations. Download a copy here. July 2014

British Dietetic Association has developed a new toolkit to help hospital caterers cope with the requirements of the new allergen regulations. July 2014

Three useful videos on dealing with allergy in catering from the Irish Food Allergy and Food Intolerance Network. May 2014

'Danger foods' – major allergens and where they are to be found – from the Allergy Catering Manual

Helpful blog from restaurant owner on how to cater for allergic customers pointing up, in particular the usefulness, for both restaurant and customer, of new allergen analysis apps. April 2014

Good infographic from the Food Standards Agency on the 14 major allergens. Could be printed out to stick on kitchen/servery walls. May 2014

Gluten-free the hottest trend for Canadian chefs in 2014.

The US FARE sites has launched an online resource, SafeFARE to make dining out if you have any allergy safer and more enjoyable. April 2014

Food fraud poses particular hazards for those with food allergies. April 2014

On-line advice for food service outlets on dealing with allergen cross-contamination and on equipment. April 2014

In depth interview with Sue Hattersely of the FSA on the new regulations on the Allergy Aware Kitchen site. Very useful resource. March 2014

Helpful blog from Dairyfreebabyandme suggesting simple gluten & dairy-free dishes that most eateries could serve without stretching themselves too much. January 2014

Interview with Michelle B-J on the Allergy Aware Kitchen site about the new regulations and freefrom in food service. December 2013

Eating out 'freefrom'. Survey of visitors to the FreeFrom Awards stand at the Allergy & FreeFrom Show, Liverpool. October 2013

The catering conundrum – some easy steps. Good blog post with helpful basic suggestions from Alexa Baracaia, mother of a multiply allergic small boy. October 2013

Food and Drink Innovation Network seminar – FreeFrom in food service – report from Tim Nichol. September 2013

Looming regulation creates concerns for the food service industry. August 2013

FoodDrinkEurope launches guidance on Food Allergen Management for food manufacturers.
The guidance of its kind sets out general principles for the management of specific pre-prepacked foods causing allergy/intolerances and provides information on good practice in risk management of allergenic foods for producers. February 2013

Allergen-free skiing in the French Alps. January 2013

Suggestions for running an allergy-friendly restaurant from the Inaugural Food Allergy conference for Restaurateurs in Boston. October 2012

Problems with allergen labelling – Regulations governing allergen/ingredient labelling on retail or pre-packed foods has been in place for some years but implementation is still far from perfect. New regulations are to be introduced for food sold loose or through the food service sector in 2014, but are unlikely to provide that much more security for the food allergic consumer. November 2012

Illegible, dangerous food labelling. November 2012

Allergen labelling – non pre-packed foods and wines. November 2012

The Coeliac View. Sue Cane, a coeliac of five years' standing, gives freefrom manufacturers an overview of what living as a coeliac is like. September 2012

Disney World food allergy pioneer trains chefs on becoming allergy-friendly. March 2012

Does eating out with allergies have to be this difficult? Mel Fenson, who runs the excellent Pig in the Kitchen blog, has a daughter who is allergic to milk, egg, nuts and mustard – so is only too well acquainted with the hazards of eating out with an allergy. She offers some observations – and some tips to restaurateurs keen to widen their 'freefrom' menu. December 2011

Northern Irish hotel, Corr's Corner, hosts dinner for over 100 seriously allergic members of Allergy NI for the third year running. November 2011

Interesting piece in the LA Times about how fast food restaurants are become allergy conscious. October 2011

FreeFrom catering and food service – a growing market. An interesting article in highlighting the growing opportunities for restaurants offering a gluten-free or freefrom menu. August 2011

Eating out with confidence – Eve Menezes Cunningham. January 2011

Massachusetts first state to require restaurants to educate staff about food allergy. February 2010

Caterers being held to account in allergic reaction cases. 2010

Marriott - allergen aware hotels: a report by Frances Dale on the food-allergen awareness programme being rolled out worldwide across Marriott's 2,800 associated hotels. 2009

Dining in Disneyland: two families share their stories of staying at Disney World, Orlando and how they managed all their restricted diets in the resort. By Loretta Jay and Sharon Steinman. 2009

Tea at the Ritz: editor Michelle and life-long gluten-intolerant Hazel Clayton of FAIR checked out the Ritz's offerings. 2008

Château de Villars: The later history of the Chateau de Villars: gluten-free holidays in the Perigord Vert, just north of the Dordogne. 2007

Glu-2-Go gluten-free batter: Charting the origin and successes of Britain's first gluten-free fish and chip shop, the brainchild of Susan Ord who is allergic to fish! By Frances Dale. 2006

Introduction to the Allergy Catering Manual. 2005

Your Guide to Eating Out with an Allergy - David Reading and Hazel Gowland, Director of and Food Advisor to the Anaphylaxis Campaign, offer some advice on eating out with a severe food allergy. 2005