The Old Queen's Head

Hammersley Lane, Penn HP10 8EY

Gold Winner 2017
Pub Restaurant category – sponsored by FarmFrites

Judges comments - July/August 2017

'Lovely setting and beautifully decorated! The staff were very warm and welcoming! I mentioned needing to be gluten-free and immediately I was told about their special gluten-free menu. They took much pride in showing me their options for gluten and dairy-free and when I enquired about whether they would be comfortable catering for my multi allergic son, they were keen to show me how well they could cater for him. It was lovely to see how proud they are to be able to cater for allergies!'

'I was really impressed - they have their main menu, and daily specials which have seasonal produce at the heart. They also have a gluten-free menu, and a dairy and gluten-free menu. All 3 offer a good selection of options. When it came to the daily specials, they crossed out the options that wouldn't be suitable and explained how the remaining dishes were made so that I was reassured. When I mentioned that my son would need to be nut-free and tomato free if I was to bring him another time, they didn't bat an eye lid and proceeded to go through the menu with me, explaining exactly what would be safe and that if he didn't like those they could cook something specially for him.'

'All of the menus stipulate what allergens are in each dish from top 14 and the menus were clear and easy to read and understand. What impressed us most was the selection of dairy and gluten-free starter and dessert options. Often these are over looked which can be incredibly frustrating. They had at least 4-5 options for each, and not 'just fruit' either!'

The food was beautifully presented and tasted fantastic. Their pork chop main was something else!! I've had the pleasure of eating out in many places, and this has definitely got to be in my top five. And it was good value, and the price point was what I expected for the quality of food, level of service and the lovely venue. I’ll be going back again for sure!'

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